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RECYCLING-Roll Off Dumpsters

55 Dana Ave – located on the east side of building


The following items are accepted for recycling:

*Plastics #1-7       



*Tin Cans

*Aluminum Cans





ONLY paper, cans and other normal household trash may be placed in the dumpsters of the City of Chappell, Nebraska.  All such paper, cans and other normal household trash shall be bagged when placed in the dumpsters.


The following items SHALL NOT be allowed to be placed in the dumpsters:

Construction, demolition or remodeling debris

Concrete, dirt, sod, plaster, iron, tires

Ashes of any kind

Flammable liquids, such as cleaning fluid, waste oils, gasoline, fuel oil, etc.

Appliances and furniture

Tree limbs and trimmings, grass clippings, leafs, hedge, brush trimmings, and garden and flower refuse.

ONLY those persons contracting for waste collection services with the City of Chappell, Nebraska shall be allowed to use the dumpsters provided by the City of Chappell, with the exception of those dumpsters placed in the public park areas, such dumpsters being provided for the convenience of the public using the park facilities of the City of Chappell, Nebraska.



Open Daily 


GRASS CLIPPINGS and GARDEN REFUSE shall be accepted at the City Organic Dumpsite at No charge to the customer.  Such clippings shall be refused if they contain waste other than grass clipping and garden refuse. TREE BRANCHES and CLIPPINGS shall be accepted at the City Organic Dumpsite. Should a customer dump trash other than that allowed at such collection site, such customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the City from any and all fines and assessments that may be levied against the City by State and Federal authorities.  Any load containing waste other than tree limbs and clippings shall be refused.

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