To Follow Budget Hearing September 8, 2020 Chappell City Hall


  1. Roll Call

  2. Opening Ceremony

        Pledge of Allegiance

   3.  Inform Public of Location of Open Meeting Act at back of room


  1. Open Budget Hearing @ 7:00

  2. Close Budget Hearing

  3. Open Hearing for Final Tax Request

  4. Close Hearing for Final Tax Request

  5. Public Comments - (Comments are limited to three minutes per topic.  The purpose of the public comment is for the presentation of an item to the City Council that is not on the agenda)

  6. Consent Agenda - (All items listed under “Consent Agenda” are considered to be routine by the Council and will be enacted by one motion.) 

  7. Approval of Minutes: Regular meeting August 17, 2020, Special meeting August 24, 2020, Approval of Claims - (If you have any questions about the claims list please come in prior to the meeting to discuss them.)
    1. Dept Head Reports
    2. Animal Control Report

  8. Unfinished Business       

    1. DTR Project Final Pay App

    2. Community Gathering Space Bids

    3. Cats In Town

  9. New Business

    1. Adopt the 2020/21 Budget

    2. Job Shadowing—CVS—Joe Kupper

    3. Resolution 2020-07 Calling NDEE Waster Water Loan

    4. Ordinance #536—Issuing Combined Utilities Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2020 in an amount not to exceed $1,575,000

    5. Street Evaluation Study—Draft Plan

    6. Building Permit—Fence—1202 6th St

    7. Building Permit—Addition to House—1261 Rd 165

    8. Building Permit—Concrete—589 Babcock Ave

    9. Building Permit—Fence—351 Hayward Ave

    10. Building Permit—Shed—1601 2nd St

    11. Building Permit—Storage Shed—North 40

    12. Building Permit—Concrete—480 Hayward Ave (Pending drawing & signature)

    13. Renew Class C Liquor License for Burgie’s

    14. Renew Class C Liquor License for Chappell Super Foods

    15. Renew Class C Liquor License for Toots’ Bar & Grill

    16. Renew Class C Liquor License for Rusty Bucket


  10. Communications (Upcoming meetings, etc.)

  11. Adjourn

** The Council values and encourages comments by the public even if the topic is not on our agenda. In order to give all of the public the opportunity to know about and participate in discussions regarding items that are not on the current agenda, we will not respond to or discuss any comments.  Reminder- there is a procedure to apply to get on the agenda at the City Clerk’s office.  We encourage citizens to take advantage of this procedure.


If you have any questions about any other items on the agenda, please contact City Hall at 874-2401 prior to the council meeting. The Mayor and City Council reserve the right to adjourn into executive session as per Section 84-1410 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes.

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